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The daily challenge of each of us is to be able to see different points of view from those we already know, to see things from a new perspective. 
The ability to do so is an important part of the process of personal, professional and even organizational growth and development. 
One of the milestones of  POINTS OF YOU® is the integration of the right brain, which controls intuition and emotion with the left brain, which is responsible for the analysis.

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The POINTS OF YOU® method takes advantage of the special time window that is created during the simultaneous stimulus of emotion and logic, which momentarily puts in "short circuit" the vigilant defense mechanisms in our consciousness.

This "deliberate confusion" allows, through appropriate work, to free the individual from the system of control of "as it should be" and allows other points of view to take shape in our consciousness.

Upon completion of the process, new thoughts will emerge that can develop new paths that will allow you to get out of your comfort zone.

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L.1 – Hello Points is the first level of Points of You Academy's international training course

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With L.1 - Hello Points Workshop you will experiment in a whole day the methodology and innovative tools of Points of You® for personal and professional development.

The POINTS OF YOU® tools use today's most powerful language, that of photos, that can inspire and stimulate the mind.

What does the workshop include?

  • The Coaching Game

  • Punctum

  • Concept Pack

  • Workshop booklet

  • Notebook

  • Exclusive cards set

  • POINTS OF YOU® Explorer Certificate

  • 6 CCEU ICF (International Coach Federation)



A new Points of You®️ tool to experience awareness and presence by facing the challenges of a changing reality.

Change, however, brings many opportunities that are an invitation to live life to the fullest.

It is time for lightness in our life, to embrace our resilience, to enjoy the present and to spread love in action ♥


Are you already in the Flow? Can you enter the Flow? Would you like to stay in the state of Flow? Then, the Hello Flow Workshop is for you!

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What does the workshop include?

• The FLOW tool

• 3-hour in-person workshop 

• 30 days of access to the digital platform to experience the 21-day practice

• At the end of the 21 days, the certificate of completion will be issued

Max 10 participants


For more information please write to

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