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"The world can only seem a safe place when we feel safe inside"

Agapi Stassinopoulos



We believe that to become young adults it is not sufficient to follow the rules and learning from outside; we also need to find a balance into our inner world.

As young adults, high school students need to elaborate millions of information coming from outside and learn to cope with them.

Most of the times, those information are related to emotions and beliefs and are difficult to process.

We want to give them a different key of exploration, an innovative and juicy approach.

In one hour and a half, we will discuss all together on a topic giving the time to ALL students to tell their story and then play together with a coaching tool to elaborate it to find new perspectives, insights and actions to move on.


Possible themes to be developed with the teacher and the students with the POY tools


  • The iceberg model:  behaviours and beliefs 

  • Our uniqueness: discovering the meaning of your unique fingerprint 

  • Coping with emotions: how to name, explore and use them to find our inner balance 

  • Resilience: reflecting on its benefits and learn how to develop / practice it on a daily basis 

  • Coping with stress through my uniqueness 

  • The power of visualisation

  • Recognizing and managing our priorities 

  • Team coaching: the importance of interaction for a personal growth 

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